Juriști cu renume, profesori asociați la Facultatea de Drept din Suceava. Augustin Zegrean, fost președinte al Curții Constituționale, numele cel mai notabil care va preda dreptul la USV

Facultatea de Drept și Științe Administrative din cadrul Universității ”Ștefan cel Mare” Suceava a cooptat, ca profesori asociați, personalități cu prestigiu în dreptul românesc. Cel mai cunoscut dintre aceștia este Augustin Zegrean, președinte al Curții Constituționale a României în perioada 2007 – 2016. Maria Andrieș, președintele Curții de Apel Suceava este de asemenea profesor asociat. Vasile Păvăleanu, cu calitatea de profesor universitar doctor, fost prim procuror al Parchetului de pe lângă Tribunalul Suceava, acum pensionar, este de asemenea profesor asociat la Facultatea de Drept și Științe Administrative. Doina Popescu, președintele Secției Contencios Administrativ și Fiscal de la Curtea de Apel Suceava este și domnia sa profesor asociat.
Decan al Facultății de Drept și Științe Administrative este cunoscutul avocat sucevean Camelia Ignătescu. Profesorii asociați cooptați pot obține, conform regulamentului de remunerare al USV, cel mult 25 de lei pe oră. Suma nu-i mare, notorietatea este importantă și de o parte și de cealaltă.

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4 comentarii la „Juriști cu renume, profesori asociați la Facultatea de Drept din Suceava. Augustin Zegrean, fost președinte al Curții Constituționale, numele cel mai notabil care va preda dreptul la USV

  • 3 octombrie 2018 la 18:27

    Wednesday, 03 October
    Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă`s intervention in the Plenary of the European Parliament

    Dear members of the European Parliament,
    On behalf of Romania, I thank you for the invitation. I start by clarifying that I didn’t come to account anyone. I came here because I appreciate and respect you and I demand the same valuing and respect for the Romanian people I represent.
    I start with an essential question: Who do we want to build a viable justice system in Romania for? For MCV? For the institutions? For magistrates? For politicians? Obviously NOT!
    We need to have a fair justice for the citizens! They are the first to benefit of the measures in the European Parliament or in the national parliaments! Citizens must be the start to any discussion! Justice must be a guarantee that laws and citizenship rights are respected, and whoever breaks them will be sanctioned!
    It is legitimate to ask ourselves: in what way did MCV defend Romanian citizens for the serious violation of their rights? MCV reports have been a lot about institutions, magistrate appointments, anti-corruption struggle. It is very good! But I have not seen anything about human rights violations, classified protocols between intelligence services and justice institutions.
    Based on these protocols, millions of Romanians were under the surveillance of intelligence services in the name of the anti-corruption fight.
    There are court rulings showing how evidence has been falsified, how the transcripts of interceptions have been modified to create guilt, or how witnesses have been blackmailed to file a lying testimony.
    Nothing about these things in the MCV reports. This means that this mechanism missed its initial purpose. And I officially demand to be told who wrote the MCV reports, who provided the data and, unintentionally or in bad faith, omitted, these inconceivable realities in the European Union!
    If we are honest, these serious abuses must be the base to our discussion because they take place in the European Union.
    The Venice Commission said that “in the Soviet system, the prosecutor’s office was a powerful means of controlling the judiciary”.
    Over the last 4 years, over 3,000 magistrates have been investigated by NAD. In fact, half of the magistrates in Romania have had files for years, through which they have probably been influenced to provide solutions established outside the courtroom. I’m not just saying this myself, it’s what the magistrates’ associations in Romania say with great concern too.
    Through these counterfeit cases, the office of judge of the Constitutional Court, a vice-president of the Superior Council of Magistracy, four judges of the High Court, several judges of higher courts, a general prosecutor, a chief of the higher prosecutor’s office were canceled. Finally, they were all acquitted or the files were sorted out. But they were all removed!
    The new laws of justice give judges independence. No political decision-maker intervenes in appointing and revoking judges. Independence is total, but not limited. And you make sure we have good faith and we will take into account the recommendations of the Venice Commission.
    There is still a good part of this meeting.
    Today we all informed you officially about the abuses in Romania.
    From now on, we can’t ignore these things anymore. There will be no talk of justice in Romania without talking about these abuses unless there is a political game with no connection to justice.
    Ask yourselves why were these things hidden from you! Why didn’t they tell you anything if everything was legitimate and legal? Ask yourselves these questions before picking up the stone against Romania.
    About the 10th of August rally I will only say a few words.
    I see the Romanian Gendarmerie being accused of having intervened in an unauthorized rally against violent demonstrators who have tried to occupy the Government building. I did not see the same position towards the last week’s event in Brussels or other rallies in France, Spain, Germany, Britain, when the law enforcement agencies intervened with exactly the same means and the same procedures as those used in Romania.
    I can’t accept in any way that the Romanian Gendarmerie is accused of actions and procedures practiced all over Europe!
    Finally, I ask you the following: Do not forbid Romania what is allowed in other states of the Union and do not allow to happen in Romania unacceptable things in other member states! We want to be your partner, but to be equal partners.
    No one will ever be able to turn Romania out of its European path.
    Thank you!

  • 3 octombrie 2018 la 18:32

    Bravo! Felicitari! Existăm.
    Acesta este adevaratul si singurul #rezist!

  • 18 octombrie 2018 la 15:29

    Acuma sa vedem cum o fi,că domnul Zegrean,după cum se știe,are un handicap sever,o problemă cu ochii și cu vederea,ceea ce nu-i permite nici să scrie nici să citească un text scris cu fonturi normale,dumnealui ia și o pensie (una dintre cele trei…) scutita de impozite și taxe ,pentru acest handicap major. Acesta să fie și motivul pentru care dumnealui nu are în spate nici un fel de activitate didactică,vreun doctorat,ceva lucrări,articole? Dacă nu este așa,ne puteți spune?
    Încât nici în ziua de astăzi nu se știe cum anume conducea el CCR,zice-se că îi mai cetea doamna aceea care venea la serviciu in capod portocaliu,mai apoi alți specialiști aduși de Kior la CCR cu un trecut asemanator(adecă de pe la ICL- colecatrea laptelui,JURISTconsulți care au binemeritat de la același…)
    Deoarece ni se pare foarte original ca la Suceava domnu’ Zegrean sa facă un fel de experiment,să predea Constituția studenților,acea disciplină care se și cheamă „drept constituțional”…
    Cum anume?
    După ureche!


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